Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions regarding Faces of GNOME Project

The Faces of GNOME project's ultimate goal is to create a website that showcases all past and current GNOME contributors. Its goal is to give community members a personal place where they may create, update, and customize profile pages, as well as add custom content and markdown-supported blogs.
The GNOME Project is only possible because of our global community of contributors and we use this space to recognize all of their hard work.

Faces of GNOME website is maintained by the Engagement Team. The current team is composed of Claudio Wunder and Caroline Henriksen.

You can reach the team by joining the GNOME Engagement Channel on Matrix. If you would like to report a bug or request a feature you can file a new issue in our GitLab project.

In order to be listed on Faces of GNOME you will need to fill a form given in the README of the project. You can refer to the template given there as a guide. For more detailed info on what each field means, please go through this wiki page.
Once this is complete, commit the changes with a Merge Request. If details are filled in correctly, your listing will be approved.

You need to be a GNOME Foundation member or a participant in Google Summer of Code/Outreachy with GNOME.

Everyone is welcome to use the Faces of GNOME platform as they like so long as they respect the GNOME Code of Conduct.

We’ll be sad to see you go but if you would like to remove your listing you can do so by filing a new issue on our GitLab project.