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These are the people that make GNOME possible.
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GNOME Contributors

Who makes GNOME possible?

The GNOME Project is possible thanks to the all the people that contribute to the Project. These are our Contributors. They are our Developers, Translators, Documentation Gurus, Testers, Issue Reporters and the many other people that envision the GNOME Desktop.

A community driven by passion

GNOME has all kind of people. They do all sort of things. Check out some of the things they do.


They design our components, apps, our guidelines and ensure GNOME look and feel high standards.


They deliver the pieces of code behind GNOME. They ship our Apps and the GNOME Desktop.


They ensure GNOME to be more understandable and usable to all people around the world.


They document and create guides of everything GNOME. From our GTK APIs to Newcomer guides.


They manages our Communities, Conferences, Marketing, and Events. They are the frontier of GNOME.


They ensure that our Communities are healthy and secure and play a vital role in establishing the tenor of a forum.


They manage and supervise student programs like Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs and Outreachy.


They handle the internals of the GNOME Foundation and ensure our Operations run smoothly.

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These are all the people that make GNOME possible. What an amazing community!