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Find out the contributors who makes GNOME possible.
GNOME Contributors

Who makes GNOME possible?

The GNOME Project is possible thanks to the all the people that contribute to the Project. These are our Contributors. They are our Developers, Translators, Documentation Gurus, Testers, Issue Reporters and the many other people that envision the GNOME Desktop.
GNOME Developers

Who develops GNOME?

Each project, app, and software behind GNOME are built by a group of diverse individuals. Those are the GNOME Developers. They deliver the pieces of code behind GNOME. They ship our Apps and the GNOME Desktop.
GNOME Maintainers

Who maintains GNOME?

Each project, app, and software behind GNOME are leaded by a group of high-trusting individuals. Those are the GNOME Maintainers. They lead the development and design of each of our Initiatives.
GNOME Translators

Who are translators?

These are the individuals that provide high quality documentation, including online help, tutorials, application manuals, and programming references.
GNOME Documenters

Who are documenters?

These are the individuals that currently lead the Development of GNOME Applications, GTK, and many more.
GNOME Designers

Who are designers?

GNOME designers are a loose, informal team that works on the design of the GNOME user experience and developer experiences. The primary areas of work are OS design, application design, visual theme and icons.
GNOME Engagement Team

What is the Engagement Team?

The Engagement Team works to promote GNOME by helping our communications with users, developers, contributors, partners and anyone else who might be interested in the project.